Autokatta is a platform that helps you for customer acquisition and engaging for generating business. Keep autokatta as an additional tool in your marketing armory.

• Start with opening a store and add admins and employees. Admins can receive enquiries while employees can contribute content to the store. The store is a place where you can also post demo videos, and delivery photos.

Add enquiry modules to store using which customers send enquiries. The modules also help you to manage the enquiries across the sales cycle. Auto loans, Auto inspection, AMC, Service and more

• All visits to your store are like walk-ins to your shop. All visits and followers are stored. You can promote products and services to them.

• Increase territory coverage. Use the QR code of your store on visiting cards, handbills, and banners. Promote that QR code to customers. Customers scan the QR code and become followers. Engaging with customer across your territory becomes easy.

Post updates which are seen by followers on your store.


• Promote schemes.

• Create various events to generate enquiries.

• Promote store in Autokatta. Customers visiting the store send enquiries. Customers also search stores.

• Customer search products, services and vehicles and the leads are exchanged.

• Customers send enquiry from the product or service or vehicle page.

• All enquiries are seen in “Business Chat”. Chat with customers to create deals.

• Add enquiries you receive from field visits using “Manual Enquiry”. Add follow-ups for the same and get reminders for today’s follow-ups. Take email of the enquiries for review and appraisal.

• Create groups with business partners and keep them updated for your inventory, get quotes for your used vehicles from the group members.

• Create broadcast groups for communication.

• Generate sale through Auctions- Auctions is a platform to sell at the best highest market rate. Bidders compete with each other to give the best highest marker rate.

create enquiries to increase your selling business



It is important to know who form your contacts are using autokatta so that u can stay connected with them be it a customer or a business partner. A shortcut to Connect and communicate with your contact who are using autokatta. Make calls, send message all from my autokatta contacts. You can also invite people to join and connect on autokatta.


Often employees form groups with various business partners to ensure flow of business information, however the purpose of groups are lost when unwanted messages start flowing in the groups. Autokatta allows to form unlimited groups with unlimited members. Form groups with various business partners and employees and communicate across various channels. This restricts unwanted messages and strictly business.


A business is not complete unless he has a store and has products in that store. Also important is that the enquiries arising from the store are reaching the right sales person. Autokatta allows to create store for your business. Add employees and admins who can accept enquiries from customers. Add various enquiry modules for getting new and repeat enquiries from customers. All visits to your store are saved for you like walk-ins.


Every business house does lot of coverage each time to reach maximum customers in their territory. This is a continuous process for each business house. Autokatta provides each store gets a QR code. Promote this QR code in various print and online mediums and increase followers. More the followers more will be your territory coverage. Communicate with followers about your services and products to engage with customers.


The vehicles inventory could in various category – repo stock, scrap inventory, insurance salvage, dealer inventory, market place. Categorising inventory makes it easy to get the right enquiry for your uploaded stock. Upload vehicle. Users search for the vehicle and leads are exchanged.


It is important to keep a track of all the enquiries with a sales person which helps him in his appraisal. This is a complete enquiry module and helps the Sales person to add enquiries they have against the inventory. They update follow-ups and status of the enquiries across the entire sales process.


Conducting events is a must activity for a business. Also getting proper response and reaching maximum people for success is equally important. Autokatta allows you to create various events. These events are communicated to your followers (you should use QR code to increase followers of your store) and ensure maximum reach for more effective event. Add reports to ended events and tae reports of the same for self appraisal and analysis.


It sometimes becomes important to communicate with more people at a time with ingle message. It could be employees, customers, business partners. Autokatta allows you to send mass communication to groups which are received as individual messages and further continue communication through chat.


This is a place where u get enquiries for your inventory. U can chat with the enquiries and also convert this enquiry into manual enquiry to further follow-up and maintain status of the enquiry received.


You can view your inventory here. You can transfer inventory, sold mark the inventory, add manual enquiry against an inventory, take reports.

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